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        Guangdong XXX building materials Group is located in Shihuldang Town Industrial Park (new factory), Songjiang District, Guangdong City, covering an area of 70 mu, building area of 60,000 square meters, under the membership of China Building Materials Industry Association, is specialized in the production of aluminum plastic composite board Aluminum veneer large joint-stock enterprises, production experience, strong technical force, with more perfect production and processing equipment and strict quality monitoring means Group subordinate company: guangdong so-and-so building materials group co., LTD., zhengzhou so-and-so decorative material co., LTD., zhejiang so-and-so instrument co., LTD., yueqing so-and-so suye co., LTD., yueqing so-and-so instrument co., LTD., guangdong so-and-so paint


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